Episode 34

Ep 34 - Hung Lee, I didn’t start a ‘proper’ career until I was 25 …

Myself and Hung Lee had a lot of fun in the studio recording this episode. Hung Lee has carved himself a really interesting career within the Recruitment world so it was a lot of fun uncovering his story ….. 

Hung has worked within Recruitment for 10+ years and he has always stayed close to emerging markets when recruiting, particularly TECH!  

He now owns a business which is a complete tech solution for the developer market, VERY SMART!!! 

Another smart move from Hung came just 12 months ago, the Recruiting Brainfood was born which Hung is the curator of. He shared with me how he came very close to quitting this gig …. BUT he kept going and now reaps the rewards of having a 9,000+ subscriber list ... 

Hung is a huge advocate for inbound marketing and also a great public speaker which is were I first got exposed to Hung’s thoughts on Recruitment. 

Really excited to share this episode, you don’t want to miss this one!!!!


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